Do ALL the things!


Last night was not what I considered to be a success. Apparently someone wants me dead. Or, well, wants me actively dead now. We were trapped by an ambush, and some half-elf assassin tried to kill me. ME! I’m afraid. Does this mean that the Archmage knows where I am? And why did the assassin apologize before she tried to skewer me? I don’t understand what’s going on, and it makes me nervous.

Kyle told me that he had a message from the Elf Queen – either “Wear the Silver Chain” or “BEware the Silver Chain”. That’s…possibly the least helpful message ever. So, I guess I need to be on the lookout for silver chains? I don’t even know. And why can’t the Elf Queen use a more coherent messenger? I know that she has the ability to use people effectively, so why is she saddling me with a drunken gnome?

After the assassin was dead, thanks to the priest, I found a fine woven sash on her body. It called to me, and after I ate, I decided that I needed to wear it. I feel…powerful, now. I feel like the book that I got from the magician is speaking to me even more, and I need to run and jump and climb. And now, with this sash, I can be hidden from anyone. It’s great, because I’m finding that I want nothing to do with any of these people. I managed to find myself in the lumber camp again, and that dwarf that we talked to before actually grabbed me! He grabbed me! He kept babbling about a Yelena and how she was dead, and how Maxim is dealing with diabolists, and that’s fine and good and all, but stop touching me!


WadeRockett setauuta

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