Eighteenth Session Recap

Finish what you started.

The party’s learned that the only way to overcome the Lady of the Harvest is for one of the PCs to willingly give their life during the battle. But Aenor wonders, what if there’s another way? The forest is wounded and angry, right? What if the party heals it?

Aenor begins a healing ritual, with the rest of the party standing in a circle to protect her. Ifanna — now transformed into the terrifying Lady of the Harvest — appears with her servitors and attacks them. The ritual requires that the party not defend itself, so they stand resolutely taking damage, hoping this doesn’t get them killed.

The ritual succeeds. Ifanna returns to her normal self and collapses, and the path is open for them to confront the old High Druid, in the glade where the tallest tree in the forest stands.

The party approaches the old High Druid, who confronts them with the violence and greed in their lives. But the PCs respond by pointing out how they’ve shown self-sacrifice and mercy during their time in the forest, and Ifanna testifies to their worth. The old High Druid concedes that he acted rashly and releases the dragon Catamoros into their care. They are free to leave the forest, and go with his blessings.


WadeRockett WadeRockett

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