Fourteenth Session Recap

Screwjob in Shatter Creek

Our heroes emerge from the portal in the mayor’s house in Shatter Creek — and find themselves in a trap! A group of Crusader soldiers — consisting of elite Red Shield warriors, Witch Hunter archers, Avenging Orb wizards, and a squad of mooks — attacks them.

The PCs have been going for a long time: they’re injured, and many of their most potent abilities have been used up. This, along with the counter-magic effects of the Witch Hunters’ black arrows, makes this a long and difficult battle. But the party eventually prevails, only to discover that the house is surrounded! More soldiers start to pour in, but the party’s lethal defense of their position convinces Hoger’s lackeys to try a different tactic: they’ll burn down the house with the PCs in it.

As the house they’re in catches fire and smoke begins to fill the room, Hochnor Half-Hand‘s 5 result with the Crusader comes into play — a group of Red Shields comes in the back way and tells the party that Hoger has gone too far, and needs to be stopped. He’s going to sacrifice Shatter Creek’s priest of the Gods of Light at the bridge, protecting the town from demons by consecrating it to the Dark Gods.

Bloodied but unbowed, and with a burning desire for vengeance, our heroes venture forth for the final battle to decide the fate of Shatter Creek….


WadeRockett WadeRockett

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