Kyell Has Something To Add

Wade left out the best part!

martyfeldman-sm.jpgHi, guys! It’s me, your pal Kyell the gnome!

Boy oh boy, I can’t believe I ran into you two sessions ago, alllll the way out here in the wilderness. It was so great catching up with you, and reminiscing about the great times we had. Like when the Deep Gnomes took over Foothold, and we got to play The Owl Bear Game. That one wizard guy in your party was really good at it!

And remember how I told you all about Lady Nightwhisper? She’s great! When weird shadow monsters started coming up out of the dungeon you guys discovered, strangling rich people in their sleep and stealing their stuff, this masked swordswoman showed up out of NOWHERE and figured out how to beat them!

And then she led the count’s soldiers on an expedition into the dungeon where she cleaned out all the evil ghosts and drove away the shadow guys, and found a bunch of the count’s treasure that the shadow guys stole. I bet you probably saw it when you were down there, but you might have been too busy to get it.

Everyone loves Lady Nightwhisper! She’s got this black mask and cape, and a sword, and she’s like, really good at being an adventurer.

I mean, you guys are really good at being adventurers too! I bet nobody even minds that you set houses on fire and kill rich, powerful merchants.

Anyhoo, I’m probably dead now because of the orc army and the hellhole opening underneath me and stuff. But maybe I survived and I’ll see you later!


WadeRockett WadeRockett

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