Ninth Session Recap

Battle against the shadow thieves

The party fought a pitched battle against four shadow thieves who attacked them in the portal room of Dead Elf Dungeon. After eventually sending them all fleeing to the south, the party decided they didn’t want to take their chances with the bat swarm or the ghoul they knew lay north, or the shadow thieves who’d fled south. Instead they chose to leave the dungeon through the overgrown main gate, emerging in the woods outside Foothold. They reported all that they’d found to the Captain of the Watch, who said he’d post guards at both known entrances and notify the Count’s wizard about the portal to outer space.

What now? Well, they had some unresolved business with Thurash Many-Rocks, Smasher of Elves, who they were ordered to arrest and bring before the Inquisition. They decided to hunt down Thurash, and called it a night.


WadeRockett WadeRockett

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