Session Nine Interlude

Icon rolls!

Aenor rolls an icon result of 5 with the Three

Using her connections with the Three, Aenor learns that Thurash left Foothold within hours of the party’s battle with the gnolls at Underhome’s house. Thurash paid two minions of the Three to help him escape the city and reach his eventual destination: Cobin Isfeld, a Black Dragon clan assassin, and Albenna Queal, a sorcerer.

Eventually he means to cross the Black River into orc territory, but will make several stops throughout Blackmarch along the way to rendezvous with various agents of the Orc Lord. When he hired Isfeld and Queal he seemed confident that he’d be safe out in the badlands, and mentioned that the only people who might come after him have been “taken care of.”

Because going after Thurash interferes with a job being done by minions of the Three, there’s a price attached to this information: Aenor must deliver a letter (unopened) to a man named Milas Scull in the village of Shatter Creek.

Aenor rolls an icon result of 6 with the Priestess
Aenor uses her pull with the Priestess to gather recent gossip at Blackmarch Cathedral. She learns that a wandering priest met three travelers matching the descriptions of Thurash, Isfeld and Queal. They said they were heading for Stonewreath Keep a few days’ ride west.

Nureddin rolls an icon result of 6 with the Crusader
Nureddin’s Crusader buddies heard a rumor that he’s heading into the badlands to take care of unfinished business. They give him the Bow of No Mercy to help him hunt the bastard down.

Elanesse rolls an icon result of 6 with the Elf Queen
When Elanesse wakes from a dream in which the Elf Queen warns her that her enemies are nearby, she finds a tiny glowing spirit hovering in her room. It leads her out of the inn and into the street outside. A small star drifts down from the night sky toward her. As it gets closer she sees it is a magic sword known as Star’s Triumph.

Hochnor rolls an icon result of 6 with the Emperor
As thanks for the Empire’s help in the shameful matter of his brother-in-law, Maksim Goldfinder gifts the Inquisition with a new type of magic item that blends dwarf inventiveness and powerful wizardry. The Emperor’s Peace is the first of its kind, and Brother Lucas gravely presents it to Hochnor to aid him in the hunt for Thurash.

Hochnor rolls an icon result of 5 with the Emperor
But the recent unpleasantness with Ulysses Underhome hasn’t been forgotten; and so the wizard Llandrin Trawscoed will accompany the party on their search.

Reed can’t make it on Saturday
He will remain behind for now, and search for magic treasure long forgotten by the living…


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