Seventeenth Session Recap

Can we please leave the damn forest?

Trapped in a hostile magical forest that won’t let them leave, the party tries to find out what’s going on and (more importantly) how to escape. A mysterious elf named Ifanna pops in and out to offer advice and guidance, and seems to remember things that happened in ancient times. Through talking with Ifanna, a ghostly paladin named Mingxia, and halflings who’ve dwelled in the forest since the Halfling Rebellion, they determine that:

  • This is the forest of the long-dead High Druid of a previous age.
  • The intrusion of the PCs and a band of orcs has awakened the spirit of the old High Druid, which has become the spirit of the forest. He is angry and wants all the “intruders” dead for bringing corruption into his forest.
  • Ifanna was the old High Druid’s daughter, who is now a forest spirit. She doesn’t remember her mortal life very well.
  • An injured black dragon entered the forest a while ago, and is under the old High Druid’s protection. The orcs entered the forest to find and capture the dragon. The PCs realize that this is the childlike dragon they fought and wounded at Stonewreath. Aenor suspects this is the creature she saw in her vision last session.
  • The forest had two guardians in the old days: the Lord of the Hunt, whom the party fought last session, and the Lady of the Harvest, who was worshipped by the farmers who lived near the woods.
  • If they fight the Lady of the Harvest, she can only be killed if one of the PCs willingly gives up their life during the fight.
  • To leave the forest, they’ll have to somehow settle matters with the old High Druid.

The party — led by a halfling scout — tracks down the main band of orcs and kills them. They also decide to get rid of any Diabolist-tinged magic items they’re carrying, by placing them into what Ifanna calls the Pool of Purification. On impulse, Elanesse dives in, and the spirit of the pool expels the demonic spirit of Essenale from her.

Suddenly, Ifanna is in great distress — she says her father is calling her, and pleads with the PCs to forgive what she’s going to do to them, before vanishing.


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