Sixteenth Session Recap

Into the woods!

Aenor receives a vision from the Blue in a dream, sending her into the deep woods to “finish what you began”. She senses a creature there, in pain, angry and afraid; and the woods becoming magically tainted by that pain and anger and fear, turning dark.

The party leaves Shatter Creek, heading northwest toward the town of Burnham. They’ve heard that an army of the Orc Lord, led by Thurash Many-Rocks, Smasher of Elves, is on its way to attack Burnham and steal an ancient artifact: a dragon skull that gives the owner the ability to control dragons.

As they sail upriver, a sudden storm arises and a tentacled monster attacks from below the water, destroying the boat. The party makes it ashore and finds itself trapped in the Old Druid Hills forest — or, more precisely, trapped BY the forest. It’s clearly aware and hostile, trying to lead the PCs into deadly traps.

Things get even weirder when green-glowing dire animals and humanoids attack the party, disintegrating into bones when slain.


WadeRockett WadeRockett

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