Third Session Recap

The PCs return to Foothold and find themselves processing a lot of information. And killing dwarves and assassins.

Upon emerging from Orbius the wizard’s home, the party was ambushed by angry, drunk dwarves — three on the street with hammers and picks, and two up on the roofs with muskets. They were mainly angry at Hochnor Half-Hand because they were under the impression he’s been going around town accusing dwarves of worshiping demons.

Khash took a musket round right in the chest, but other than that the dwarves did a poor job of teaching the party the lesson they’d intended. However, the female half-elf assassin who teleported into the battle and proceeded to start taking Elanesse apart (after first apologizing to her) was rather more competent.

However, the battle soon turned as a mysterious half-orc warrior joined the fray. The assassin finished off the last dwarf standing and tried to flee, but was taken down by Khash. The half-orc warrior introduced himself as Thurash Many-Rocks, Smasher of Elves — Khash’s new acolyte — and identified the assassin as Maggie Dead-Eyes, a notorious blade for hire. Looks like a carefully planned ambush, with Elanesse as the real target.

Khash and Thurash left together, whereupon Thurash revealed to Khash that he too was an agent of the Orc Lord, conducting operations in Foothold under cover as Khash’s acolyte.

Hochnor set about making life uncomfortable for Ulysses Underhome, visibly staking out his home overnight and going around town asking innuendo-heavy, inquisitor-type questions about him and making lots of notes. While he made his rounds Brother Valan found him and told him that things are getting dicey with the local dwarf community. Maksim is a respected figure, and this investigation is stirring up bad feeling and dividing the dwarves. He encouraged Hochnor to continue pursuing the truth, but to stay safe. He also tipped Hochnor and Nureddin off that the town watch identified the dead dwarves as layabouts who frequent the Stone Cup, a shitty dwarven tavern in the Low East Side.

Elanesse returned to the Wretched Hovel and encountered Kyell, who finally remembered the message he was supposed to give Elanesse from the Elf Queen. It was either “Wear the Silver Chain,” or “Beware the Silver Chain.” When Elanesse went up to her room she attuned to the True Magic sash she’d looted from the half-elf assassin’s body. It gave her the power to teleport, but because her number of magic items exceeded her level, their personalities dominated hers. Her magic book and sash were now in charge.

Nureddin and Hochnor checked out the Stone Cup (which was indeed a shitty dwarven tavern), crossing its owner’s palm with silver and gold in exchange for information. Bear-Killer the Bartender couldn’t tell them much about Maggie Dead-Eyes — except that she typically hung out at The Knife and Adder. He did, however, have a lot of gossip about Maksim Gold Finder and Nikolai Tree Feller. Bear-Killer revealed that Maksim and Nikolai are brothers-in-law. (The closest analogy, given that human family connections are much less complex and nuanced than dwarf family connections.) Nikolai was the brother of “the beautiful Yelena”, Maksim’s wife who died tragically a year ago. Bear-Killer said that Nikolai blamed Maksim for some reason, and became consumed with his anger. Bear-Killer also allowed as how a dwarf who owns a mere lumber camp would probably much rather own a mine, as Maksim does.

Nureddin, Hochnor and Khash went to the Knife and Adder to ask about Maggie Dead-Eyes. Khash went in first, and immediately bought a round for a table of half-orcs. While asking them questions, Khash spilled a tray of drinks on a dwarf at the next table — and it turned out to be one of the two dwarf gunmen from the night before. A tavern brawl between dwarves and half-orcs ensued. Before punching the dwarf out, Khash revealed to him that he’d been the one who killed Maggie Dead-Eyes. Afterward, the deeply impressed half-orcs told Khash that Maggie had been in the other night asking about an elven sorceress. She seemed frightened.

Under the influence of her magic items, Elanesse fled her room and ran out beyond the city walls and into the forest. There she met Nikolai. He was in obvious distress, and demanded to know why Maksim wasn’t imprisoned or dead yet: “Haven’t you heard everything everyone’s been saying about him?” He said that Maksim killed Yelena, and asked Elanesse if everything was “going to be all right.” Nikolai did not seem to be holding together very well.

At the end of the evening the party achieved second level.


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