Twelfth Session Recap

Somthing ain't right in Shatter Creek.

Continuing their pursuit of Thurash Many-Rocks, Smasher of Elves, the party travels overland to the town of Shatter Creek — first doing battle with a pack of werewolves and a ferocious owlbear!

The owlbear was dispatched fairly easily, much to the GM’s disappointment. He is now considering unleashing a pack of owlbears on the PCs, or possibly a titanic mega-owlbear.

Approaching Shatter Creek the party is intercepted by a patrol of the Crusader’s soldiers. Their commander says there’s been some diabolical activity in the area but they’ve got things under control. This proves to be incredibly true: as the PCs head down the road they see the bodies of hanged townsfolk dangling from the trees on either side, with signs around their necks bearing inscriptions such as, “I Consorted With Demons.”

They’re met at the bridge and escorted into town by Platoon Sergeant Zara who explains that Shatter Creek has been taken over by Boss Hoger, an ogre mage lieutenant in the Crusader’s army. She puts them up in a commandeered house and arranges an appointment with Hoger.

Hoger holds court in the mayor’s former mansion (the mayor is currently staying elsewhere) and receives them with the kindly hospitality and goodwill of a deeply corrupt Southern sheriff. When asked about Thurash, he (a little too quickly) denies ever having heard of him. When asked where Aenor might find Milas Scull and deliver the letter she’s carrying from the Three.

Turns out Milas Scull got on Hoger’s bad side, and was sent to a prison a long, long ways away. Hoger could teleport the party there, of course, but the transportation fee is enormous.

Llandrin Trawscoed bravely cashes in a 5 result with the Emperor to grease the wheels.

Hoger recalls that there’s another prisoner in the facility suspected of diabolism. Hochnor Half-Hand and company agree to interrogate this prisoner, which means the fee can be charged to the Imperial Inquisition. Coincidentally (spoiler: not at all a coincidence) the prisoner is someone they’ve met before — Colonel Alafar Dunwood, who helped the party when the Gnome King took over Foothold. Everyone takes a moment to relive the painful memory of THAT session, and then it’s off to the prison!

Hoger uses a magic ring to open a portal, and the party steps through. “Sayonara,” Hoger says as it closes behind them…


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