Half-elf ranger raised in the Cathedral, trained by the High Druid and apprenticed in sorcery to the Three


Half-elf Ranger

Level 5


Attribute Rating Modifier Mod + Lvl
Strength 12 +1 +6
Constitution 11 +0 +5
Dexterity 16 +3 +8
Intelligence 12 +1 +6
Wisdom 15 +2 +7
Charisma 15 +2 +7

Hit Points: 56

Initiative: +8


AC 21
PD 17 (19 with magic cloak)
MD 17


Number Die
8 5d8

One Unique Thing
I am the only ranger who can wield both divine magic and sorcery.


High Druid’s ambassador to the Three 3
Raised in the Cathedral 3
Apprentice sorcerer 2

Icon Relationships

Priestess Positive 1
High Druid Positive 1
The Three Conflicted 2

Light Armor (leather)
Longbow and quiver
30 gp

Magic Items

Ring of Resilience (recharge 6+): When you use this ring, heal using a recovery. Quirk: Eats an odd vegetarian diet and advocates it loudly.
Elven Cloak +2PD Add +4 to checks to hide in natural surroundings. Quirk: Prefers the finest things in life; of course, they are elven.


Attack Mod Dmg Miss
Longsword +8 5d8+2 5
Longbow +8 5d8+6 5

Racial Power


Fey Queen’s Enchantment Choose one daily or recharge spell of your level or lower from the sorcerer class. You can cast this spell as if you were a sorcerer (though you can’t gather power). You can change your chosen spell each time you take a full heal-up. Current spell: Lightning Fork_ (page 139).
Ranger Ex Cathedral Choose one daily or recharge spell of your level or lower from the cleric class. You can cast this spell as if you were a cleric. You can change your chosen spell each time you take a full heal-up. Current spell: Judgment (page 99).
Ranger’s Pet A pet raven accompanies you on your adventures. It has the abilities of Flight, Talkative and Scout.
Lethal Hunter Once per battle as a free action, choose an enemy. The crit range of your attacks against that enemy expands by 2 for the rest of the battle. A mob of mooks counts as a single enemy.


Ranger Ex Cathedral Adventurer You can cast the cleric class feature heal spell (page 95) once per battle.
Ranger Ex Cathedral Champion You can now choose from cleric at-will spells.
Ranger’s Pet Adventurer Scout
Ritual Casting Adventurer You can cast any spells you know as rituals.
Strong Recovery Adventurer Reroll two dice when rolling your recovery dice to heal yourself.


Close-quarters spell
Special: You can use this spell once per battle.
Quick action to cast
Target: You or one ally you are next to
Effect: The target can heal using a recovery.

Ranged spell
Targets: All nearby staggered enemies
Attack: d20 + 7 vs. MD
Hit: 8d10 + 2 holy damage.
Miss: 5 holy damage

Lightning Fork
Ranged spell
Recharge 16+ after battle
Target: One nearby enemy; chain spell
Attack: d20 + 7 vs. PD
Hit: 6d10 + 2 lightning damage.
Miss: Half damage.

Chain Spell: Each time you make a natural even attack roll with lightning fork, you can attack a different target with the spell.

Incremental Advances


Left as an infant on the steps of the Cathedral in Santa Cora, Aenor was raised by the priests of the Gods of Light. She was trained in the divine mysteries, but her natural affinity for the Wild revealed her true path; when she came of age, the Priestess sent her to train as a ranger under the High Druid. Her life took yet another twist when the High Druid sent her to Drakkenhall as a bodyguard for a diplomatic mission. There, Aenor thwarted an attack on the Three. Impressed with her heroism and sensing in her an innate ability with sorcery, the Three declared that they wished to deal with Aenor as the High Druid’s ambassador. She spent several years in Drakkenhall serving as the High Druid’s representative and learning the ways of sorcery. Eventually, though, the call of the Wild proved too strong for the ranger and she left Drakkenhall to seek new adventure on the Empire’s western frontier.


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