Captain Glenna Obalda

Half-elf paladin, commander of Stonewreath Keep


4th level leader [humanoid, half-elf]
Initiative: +8

Longsword +10 vs. AC—14 damage, and willing-underling triggers
Willing-underling: Until the start of her next turn, the first time an attack would hit Obalda, she can partially avoid that attack if she has a nearby ally. She only takes half damage from the attack, and that ally takes the rest.

C: Dagger +10 vs. AC (one nearby enemy, or a far away enemy at –2 atk)—10 damage
Natural even hit: Each other enemy engaged with Obalda takes 10 damage.

Surprising (Racial Power): Once per battle, subtract one from the natural result of one of her d20 rolls.

Smite evil: Once per battle Obalda can add +1d12 to her melee damage roll AND deal half damage with the attack if it misses.

AC 20
PD 17 HP 50
MD 14

Captain Glenna Obalda

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