Colonel Alafar Dunwood

Retired Imperial intelligence officer


4th level troop [humanoid]
Initiative: +8

Longsword +10 vs. AC—12 damage

R: Arcana Imperii +8 vs. PD—8 damage and the target is frozen in place (stuck, save ends)

Exit strategy: When Dunwood is staggered, as a standard action he can teleport to any spot he can see.

AC 20
PD 18 HP 56
MD 14


A retired veteran of The Red Sorcerer’s Rebellion, Dunwood does freelance black ops work for the Dragon Empire. He arrived in Blackmarch with several of his mercenary soldiers on a wilderness mission involving demonic activity. Prior to that he was in Bitterwood.

He appears to have taken some buckshot to the face recently.

Colonel Alafar Dunwood

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