High Elf Sorcerer

Level 8


Attribute Rating Modifier Mod + Lvl
Strength 11 +0 +8
Constitution 14 +2 +10
Dexterity 10 +0 +8
Intelligence 14 +2 +10
Wisdom 10 +0 +8
Charisma 15 +2 +10

Hit Points: 128


AC 20
PD 19
MD 20


Number Die
8 8d6+4

One Unique Thing
I was the subject of secret magical experiments conducted by followers of the Archmage.


Survivor 1
Captive of the Archmage 2
Refugee 2
Pickpocket 2
Arsonist 1

Icon Relationships

Elf Queen Positive 1
Archmage Conflicted 1
Great Gold Wyrm Positive 1
Vex the Mecha-Hobgoblin Positive 1
Dwarf King Negative 1

Light Armor
Short sword (Star’s Triumph)
2 Knives


Attack Mod Dmg Miss
Basic Melee Attack +8 7d6+2 8
Basic Ranged Attack +7 Weapon+0 0

Racial Power

Highblood Teleport – Once per battle as a move action, place yourself in a nearby location you can see.

Class Features

Access to Wizardry Starting 3rd level, can take a wizard spell in place of sorcerer spell 2 levels higher
Dancing Lights Can cast dancing lights as a standard action
Gather Wild Magic After initiative, can spend a standard action to gather power to cast double-strength spell next action & roll on Wild Magic feat chart (13th Age Monthly, 7 Icon Campaign)
Chain When getting a natural even attack roll, can roll an attack on a different enemy within range (each enemy can only be targeted once
Breath Weapon After using a breath weapon, can re-roll to determine if it can be used again that battle
Random Energy Roll a d4 on the Random Energy chart to determine type of damage


Spell Fist You can use ranged spells while engaged without taking opportunity attacks; you gain a +2 bonus to AC
Metallic Protector Heritage Your rolls to re-use breath weapon spells during a fight gain a +2 bonus
Gather Wild Magic Replaces Gather Power feature

Powers & Spells

Attack Target Frequency Mod Dmg Miss
Burning Hands Level 7 Up to 2 nearby enemies At-Will +12 vs PD 3d8+9 fire 0
Lightning Fork Level 7 One nearby enemy/chain spell Recharge 11+ after battle +12 vs PD 10d10+9 lightning half
Chaos Bolt Level 7 One nearby or far away enemy At-Will +12 vs PD 7d8+9 random 8 Chaos Chart: 1-Cold 2-Fire 3-Lightning 4-Thunder
Breath of the White Dragon Level 7 1d2 nearby enemies in a group/breath weapon Daily +12 vs PD 6d12+9 cold half
Scorching Ray Level 7 One nearby enemy At-Will +12 vs PD 6d6+9 fire; natural attack roll is even, 3d6 ongoing fire 8
Breath of the Green Level 7 1d4 nearby enemies in a group/breath weapon Daily +12 vs PD 41 ongoing poison 15 ongoing poison
Breath of the Black Level 7 One nearby enemy/breath weapon Daily +12 vs MD 10d10+9 acid + 40 ongoing acid 20 ongoing acid
The Queen’s Shadows Level 7 One nearby enemy/Can cast at-will for duration of battle after first casting Daily +12 vs MD 9d10+9 psychic; natural attack roll is even, can teleport to a nearby location I can see 7


Lightning Fork Adventurer Once per battle, you can reroll one of your lightning fork attack rolls
Chaos Bolt Adventurer Do not take the -2 penalty to attack enemies far away
Chaos Bolt Champion Roll on epic table for chaotic benefit on natural even attack roll
Burning Hands Adventurer When you miss with burning hands, you deal fire damage to the target equal to each damage die that rolled its maximum possible result
Lightning Fork Champion If you miss all targets with lightning fork, you don’t expend it
Spell Fist Adventurer When you miss with a sorcerer spell against an enemy you are engaged with, add your Charisma modifier to the damage you deal. At 5th level, add double your Charisma modifier; at 8th level, triple it.
Highblood Teleport Champion Deal damage equal to twice your level to one enemy engaged with you before or after you teleport.
Lightning Fork Epic The recharge roll for lightning fork is now 11+


Manual of Enlightened Flesh
This oddly worded tome spells out new ways of thinking about bodily motion, posture, reflexes, metabolism, and more. Those who can discern its true meaning learn to move and act physically with greater agility and precision. You gain a +2 bonus to all skill checks based on Str, Con, or Dex.
Quirk: When the opportunity to do something physical presents itself, you have the urge to do it. If you see a gap you might be able to jump across, you want to jump it. If there’s a river, you want to swim across it and back. If there’s a rock wall, you want to climb it. An iron bar set in the wall? Chin-ups. If you don’t occasionally give in, the book will become cross with you. Why does it go to the trouble of teaching you these marvelous techniques if you don’t use them??

Lithias the Not-Here (Sash):
Once per day as a move action, the wearer of this enchanted sash can teleport anywhere nearby he or she can see.
Quirk: You become a loner, distancing yourself from others emotionally and — as much as possible — physically.

Star’s Triumph
Bonus to attack and damage: +1 / +2 / +3
This short sword doubles as a magical implement — add the item bonus to hit and damage to arcane spells that you cast. Casting a ranged spell while engaged does not provoke attacks, provided at least one of the targets of your spell is an enemy that you are engaged with.
Quirk – You are obsessed with reaching the Overworld, and perhaps beyond.

Sphere of the Waters
Recharge 11+ after use
You can command and shape water, causing streams to part for you and other watery tricks. Talk to the GM to see what’s possible.
Quirk – Clean freak.

Skull Grail (1/day)
Spend a recovery to reroll a recharge roll for a spell. If the reroll fails, start the next battle with 15 temporary hit points (champion: 30 temp hp; epic: 50 temp hp).
Quirk – Collects trophies.
Default bonus: Attack and damage with an arcane or divine spell or attack: +1 (adventurer); +2 (champion); +3 (epic).

Clay of Life – 1 dose (When used to stabilize a dying person, it adds 5 to the roll and lets them spend a free recovery if the roll was successful. Clay of life can be used to reattach severed limbs, even by those without the ability to magically heal others, provided the limb is fresh. Creating flesh golems or doing tricky non-magical surgery with this clay requires many doses. The clay works by bonding to wounds and transforming into new flesh.)

1 large tabby cat named Ardienda

405 gold pieces
1 key
small knife
Wooden bowl (cereal-sized)
Long bow
hand axes
heavy flail
richly embroidered robe


Kyle – gnome messenger from the Elf Queen


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