"Elanesse isn't here anymore."


An alternate personality of the elf sorcerer Elanesse, with enhanced abilities. Her actions in battle suggest that she is stronger than Elanesse, supernaturally fast and accurate, can generate a magical shield against energy attacks, and possesses a fear aura — all traits associated with demons. However, using some of these abilities inflicts damage on her as these unleashed energies push the limits of her mortal body.

Image credit: Zeronis on DeviantArt


Essenale was an evil personality within Elanesse who emerged when she was near demonic activity. She first emerged during the Battle of Five Hawks Camp and returned periodically, each time harder to banish.

Elanesse later learned that her dual nature was the result of experiments performed on her by a secret group within the Archmage’s organization code-named SILVERCHAIN, under the command of Colonel Alafar Dunwood. Essenale was driven out of Elanesse for good when the elf sorceress immersed herself in the Pool of Purification in the forest of Old Druid Hills.


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