Hochnor Half-Hand

Do you want the eyes of the Inquisition on you? Then by all means continue.


Human Paladin of the Age / Commander of Men

Level 8


Attribute Rating Modifier Mod + Lvl
Strength 19 +4 +12
Constitution 15 +2 +10
Dexterity 14 +2 +10
Intelligence 12 +1 +9
Wisdom 8 -1 +7
Charisma 18 +4 +12

Hit Points: 152

Initiative: +10


AC 27
PD 20
MD 21 (22)


Number Die
9 d10+4

One Unique Thing
I sacrificed two fingers to learn the causes of the ends of the previous Ages.


Imperial Inquisitor 5
Cloistered Historian 3
Orphan Street Thug 2

Icon Relationships

Emperor Positive 2
Crusader Conflicted 1
Prince of Shadows Conflicted 1

Heavy Armor + Shield

Magic Items

Helm of the Relentless Inquisitor
Attuning to the helm requires reciting the Inquisitor’s Creed and the Seven Secret Vows, then opening your mind to the intelligence within the helm so it can ensure that you are a loyal servant of the Emperor. It then introduces itself as Brother Theobald, a servitor spirit bound to the helm long ago by a wizard of the Inquisition. He will gladly help you with your investigations.
+1 to MD
Consulting with Theobald gives you +2 bonus to Intelligence-based skill checks on topics related to the Empire, diabolism and druidism.
Quirk: You are drawn to libraries and informational archives, and once in them, you bury yourself in the stacks and don’t want to leave.

The Emperor’s Peace

Dragon’s Thunder 1x/battle, nearest enemy hit is Dazed (-4 to attacks) until start of your next turn
Dragon’s Blessing Spend a (6) Icon roll with the Emperor to re-roll an attack with an additional +2
Dragon’s Sacrifice Spend a (5) Icon roll with the Emperor to re-roll an attack with an additional +2, but take miss damage equal to level


Attack Mod Dmg Miss
Basic Melee Attack +12 d8+12 Lvl
Basic Ranged Attack +10 d6+6 0
Emperor’s Peace (Ranged) +11 d8+8 to d3 nearby enemies or d10+8 to one enemy

Racial Power
Fast To Fight: Roll initiative twice, choose better roll.

Class Features

Smite Evil 1 time per battle, do +2d12 Damage. Maximum 4x per day
Fight from the Front +d4 Command Points on a melee hit +1 command point on natural even miss
Weigh the Odds Standard Action: Gain +d4 Command Points


Sword of Victory Gain 1 command point when I drop a non-Mook or when I drop 2+ mooks
Paladin’s Challenge When I hit an enemy, I can challenge them – target and I both get -4 against other targets and -4 to Disengage checks from each other
Cleric Training Cast Hammer of Faith once per day (Hammer of Faith: Basic Melee does d12+11 for this battle)
Bastion AC is +1, Can take half damage for a Nearby ally once per battle
Combat Maneuver See “Carve an Opening” in Maneuvers


Smite Evil Adventurer +4 to hit on Smite Evil attack
Further Backgrounding Adventurer +2 Points in Backgrounds
Fight from the Front Adventurer Accounted for in the Class Feature above
Linguist Adventurer Speak all normal languages “Well Enough.”
Linguist Champion Speak, read, and write all humanoid languages; understand other languages with a bit of effort
Sword of Victory Adventurer Already accounted for in the Talent above
Fight from the Front Champion Accounted for in the Class Feature above
Smite Evil Champion Accounted for in the Class Feature above
Fight from the Front Epic 2x/day, gain +8 Command Points on successful hit


Carve an Opening Flexible Melee Attack
Trigger Natural Odd Roll
Effect Crit range increases by a cumulative +1 until a critical hit is scored


Hammer of Faith Daily Quick Action
Until end of battle, basic melee attacks use d12s as their base damage die, and you deal half-damage on misses


Swordwork Lv 3 4 CPs Free action May make Basic Melee attacks as Quick Actions once per turn until end of battle. Recharge 16+ Escalation Die 4+
Just Stay Calm Lv 1 0 CPs Free Action Decrease Escalation Die by 1. 1d3 Allies can heal with a Recovery. Recharge 16+ Escalation Die 2+
Advanced Tactical Strike Lv 5 0 CPs Quick Action One nearby ally can make an at-will attack as a free action. Recharge 16+
On Your Feet, Maggots! Lv 7 0 CPs Quick Action 2 allies who are Staggered or at 0 HP (or below) can roll two Recoveries, but are Dazed on their next turn. Recharge 16+


Rally Now Lv 1 1 CP Interrupt Action One nearby ally can Rally as a Free action.
Try Again Lv 1 2 CPs Interrupt Action One nearby ally can re-roll an attack roll.
Hit Harder Lv 3 1 CP Interrupt Action Nearby ally can re-roll any of their damage dice.
You Set Them Up, I Finish Lv 1 1 CP Interrupt Action One nearby ally can add +6 to damage on a hit
Hit ’Em From Here Lv5 1 CP Interrupt Action A Nearby ally can hit a Far Away target with an ability that normally only targets Nearby enemies

Incremental Advances


Hochnor Half-Hand

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