Half Orc cleric of Estanna


In the spirit of Names including things you have done. Khash full orcish names is:
Khash the God Singer, Seeker, Finder , Protector of Homes.

Level 3
Str 14
Con 10
Dex 8
Int 11
Wis 16
Cha 12
Hp 35
AC 14
Pd 12
Md 13
Recoveries 8
Melee attack 3 hit 3 miss level
Range 0 hit -1
damage is now 3 dice

One Unique Thing: Destined to unite or destroy the Orc Lord and Emperor

Emperor Conflicted 1
Orc lord conflicted 1
Priestess positive 1

2 Member of the Orc Lord’s tribe
2 Acolyte of orc god
2 Cleric of Estanna goddess of home
1 Singer
*1 Kindness of strangers, begging, borrowing, convincing somebody to help out.

Chain mail, war hammer 1d8, shield, holy symbol, pack, bed, roll, frying pan, rope

Blood Oath Spear
+1 to hit
Pain Is Nothing To Me: Whenever you hit with this weapon, you can deal +1d10 damage to that enemy (champion: +2d10; epic: +4d10). If you do, you also take that extra damage. 
Quirk: You feel an urge to do damage to your flesh: tattooing, ritual scarring, piercing, or darker things

Domain strength
Domain war
Domain trickery

Spirits of Righteous (Once per Battle)
Hit: 4d6 + Wisdom holy damage, and your nearby ally with the fewest hit points gains a +4 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Your nearby ally with the fewest hit points gains a +2 bonus to AC until the end of your next turn.

Cure Wounds (Daily)
Effect: You or a nearby ally can heal using a free recovery.

Javelin of Faith (at-will) (3rd Level) Wisdom +level vs PD
3rd level spell 4d6 damage. miss equal to level

Judgement (Daily) (3rd Level)
Targets: All nearby staggered enemies
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 5d10 + Wisdom holy damage.
Miss: Holy damage equal to your level.

Strength of the Gods (Daily) (3rd level)
Effect: You can cast this spell for power or for broad effect.
Cast for power: One nearby ally deals +2d8 damage with melee attacks this battle.
Cast for broad effect: Choose up to three nearby creatures (including you); each target deals +1d8 damage with melee attacks this battle.


Adventurer Feat: Once per battle, you can deal extra damage to one target you hit with a melee attack as a free action. The damage bonus is a number of d4 equal to your Strength modifier or to your level, whichever is higher

Adventurer Feat: Javelin of Faith The spell also deals +1d6 damage against an undamaged target.

Adventure Feat: Domain of War: The attack no longer has to be a melee attack, close and ranged attacks work.
Racial power battle re roll take best once per battle.
Class features: Heal, 2 per battle, quick action to cast


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