Nureddin Wolf-Father


Human Ranger

Level 1


Attribute Rating Modifier Mod + Lvl
Strength 16 +3 +6
Constitution 13 +1 +4
Dexterity 19 +4 +7
Intelligence 12 +1 +4
Wisdom 13 +1 +4
Charisma 12 +1 +4

Hit Points: 41


AC 18
PD 17
MD 14


Number Die
10 d8

One Unique Thing
Because a distant ancestor of mine was a werewolf, I can speak and hold conversations with wolves and large dogs. They love me.


Survivor of Old Foothold 1
Prisoner of Orcish Raiders 1
Scout 3
Animal Trainer 3

Icon Relationships

Orc Lord Negative 1
Emperor Positive 1
Crusader Positive 1

Light Armor
Longsword x2

Hater of Priests +1 True Magic dagger

Where Are Your Gods Now? - Once per battle in which your foes include a cleric, shaman or druid, deal 5 points ongoing damage to any target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. A normal save 11+ ends the damage.

Rid Me of This Meddlesome Cleric - Hater of Priests is an assassin’s blade, and with 1d4 hours of ritual preparation, you can consecrate it to be especially deadly to one specific cleric, shaman or druid whose true name you know. After consecration your melee crit range expands to 17+ when attacking that person.

Quirk - I think you can guess what Hater of Priest’s quirk is.


Attack Mod Dmg Miss
Basic Melee Attack +8 d8+3 2
Basic Ranged Attack +7 d8+4 1

Racial Power
Fast To Fight: Roll initiative twice, choose better roll.


Animal Companion Wolf
Two-Weapon Mastery Adventurer


Increase missed damage by adding level
Animal Companion adds escalation die
Two-Weapon Mastery Adventurer Feat – When you fight with two one-handed melee weapons, increase the damage you deal with missed attacks by adding your level to it. Most of your basic melee attacks, therefore, will deal double your level as miss damage.

Izilomo, Animal Companion (Wolf)

Hit Points: 27

Izilomo’s Defenses

AC 18
PD 16
MD 12
Attack Mod Dmg Miss
Izilomo’s Basic Melee Attack +7 2d6 1

Izilomo’s Powers
+1 attack bonus vs. enemies attacked by master or engaged with master.

Incremental Advances
HP Bump
Feat: Two-Weapon Mastery Adventurer Feat

Nureddin Wolf-Father

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