Reed Hilarion

Human necromancer


STR 14, CON 12, DEX 14, INT 18, WIS 14, CHA 16
AC 16
PD 16 HP 35
MD 17

Recoveries 8
Recovery roll d6 +1

One Unique Thing

Was resurrected on accident during a massive raising of the dead for a Lich King Army.

Racial Power

Quick to fight – begining of each battle, roll initiative twice take best

Icon Relationships

Lich King Negative 2
Archmage Postive 1

Powers and spells

Channel Life 3rd
Terror 1st
Chant of Endings 3rd
The Bones Beneath 3rd
Death’s Gauntlet 1st
Command Undead 1st


Sorta Dead
Skeletal Minion


Skeletal Minion uses escalation die
Sorta Dead: Resist Poison & Neg Energy +15
Redeemer adv feat add chr to first attack


2 robes, 1 belt, 6 belt pouches, backpack, sleep mat, blanket, scroll case, spell book, cloak, various ritual items, vials, potion bottles

Dagger 1d4
Staff 1d6


One unique thing

When the Lich King armies attacked [fill in the blank of some town close to the lich king] Reed and his friends were captured along with other members of the town and killed. The Lich King plan was to raise all the slaughtered as an undead army. Something went wrong and Reed came back to life. Not all the bodies re animated so all he could do was hide under some of them. When the lich king army left with their new undead army he dug himself out and for the first time he noticed all the spirits of his friends wandering around the field. His best friend Michael was one of the spirits and has been following him around ever since. He lost his best friends in catacombs below Blackmarch.

Reed Hilarion

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