Hater of Priests

Magic dagger enchanted to kill divine classes

weapon (melee)

Hater of Priests

+1 True Magic dagger

Where Are Your Gods Now? - Once per battle in which your foes include a cleric, shaman or druid, deal 5 points ongoing damage to any target you hit with a natural even attack roll as a free action. A normal save 11+ ends the damage.

Rid Me of This Meddlesome Cleric - Hater of Priests is an assassin’s blade, and with 1d4 hours of ritual preparation, you can consecrate it to be especially deadly to one specific cleric, shaman or druid whose true name you know. After consecration your melee crit range expands to 17+ when attacking that person.

Quirk - I think you can guess what Hater of Priest’s quirk is.


Hater of Priests was found while searching the hideout of orcish assassins in service to the Three, in the forest two hours’ hike outside Foothold. At the time, it was consecrated to slay Hildegard, Metropolitan of the Black March. It is currently in the possession of Nureddin Wolf-Father.

Hater of Priests

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