Kingslayer, the Orc Lord's Axe


NOTE: Rangers and paladins do 1d10/level with heavy two-handed weapons. Neither class takes a penally to attack with such weapons.

This heavy, two-handed axe is inscribed in an ancient language, and is stained dark by the blood of countless enemies.

History: This axe was used by the Orc Lord when he slew the Wizard King. It definitely seems to want to find its way to the current Orc Lord.

Icon relationships required: Orc Lord (or Vex), Emperor, Crusader (or Diabolist)

Special drawback: When you attune to more than two powers of this axe, it bonds to you and you can’t discard it or use any other melee weapon in battle—unless you somehow find a way to destroy the artifact, or can persuade it to find a new host.

Exploit Weakness (recharge 6+): When an enemy engaged with you rolls a natural 1 on a d20 roll, make a basic or at-will attack against it.
Quirk: Exploits weaknesses.

Push Forward! (quick action – recharge 11+): Make a basic or at-will attack, or move closer to an enemy. Quirk: Admires the powerful.

Feast on the Fallen (1/battle): When you drop an enemy to 0 hp, including the last mook of a mob, heal hit points equal to its level (if it’s a large or double strength monster, heal double its level; if it’s a huge, triple-strength, or stronger monster, heal triple its level). Quirk: Takes items from defeated enemies, and gladly accepts rewards from those they aid.

Triumph of Might (1/day): When you score a critical hit, activate this power. Your next hit this battle is also a crit. Quirk: Contempt for weaker enemies.

Kingslayer, the Orc Lord's Axe

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