Manual of Enlightened Flesh


This oddly worded tome spells out new ways of thinking about bodily motion, posture, reflexes, metabolism, and more. Those who can discern its true meaning learn to move and act physically with greater agility and precision.

You gain a +2 bonus to all skill checks based on Str, Con, or Dex.

Quirk: When the opportunity to do something physical presents itself, you have the urge to do it. If you see a gap you might be able to jump across, you want to jump it. If there’s a river, you want to swim across it and back. If there’s a rock wall, you want to climb it. An iron bar set in the wall? Chin-ups. If you don’t occasionally give in, the book will become cross with you. Why does it go to the trouble of teaching you these marvelous techniques if you don’t use them??

Manual of Enlightened Flesh

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