PC-Focused Mass Combat

From this 13th Sage article.

Each side gets from 1 to 3 d6s (“Ally Dice” and “Enemy Dice”) based on their strength and preparedness.

Each round, roll the dice for each side.

For every 6 in the result, that side does something that affects the PCs’ fight. If the 6 is a result of the Ally Dice roll, it’s a help; if it’s a result of the Enemy Dice roll, it’s a hindrance.

For every result of 5, that side does something that affects the PCs’ fight, but at a negative cost to themselves.

Help Hindrances
An ally chucks a spear into an enemy that one of the PCs is engaged with. The enemy takes 3d8 damage. An enemy takes a pot-shot at a PC—it’s a +10 attack vs. AC for 4d8 damage
The cheering of your allies invigorates a PC; that PC can heal using a recovery. Add a bunch of enemy mooks to the fight as reinforcements.
The enemy forces fall back; increase the escalation die by 1. The enemy forces hold firm; the escalation die doesn’t increase this round.
Your allies push forward; remove one Enemy Dice. The enemy forces push forward; remove one Ally Dice.

PC-Focused Mass Combat

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