2nd Age

The End of the 2nd Age as revealed by a bound demon to Hochnor, scholar of Axis, who sacrificed two fingers on his hand for this knowledge:

The fate of the 2nd Age was sealed when several of its icons, fearing the destructive power of the Orc Lord, conspired to betray him to his death. They took his body, and his magic axe Kingslayer, and hid them in a secret tomb so his followers would not find them and use them to keep the orc tribes united.

Their plan succeeded. Without the Orc Lord to lead them, the orc tribes soon fell to fighting among themselves and ceased to threaten the fledgling Empire.

But the shame of their betrayal weighed heavily upon the icons. They grew to resent and mistrust those who shared their guilty secret; and just as the orc tribes had done, those icons fell to warring among themselves, tearing the Empire apart. Thus ended the 2nd Age.

2nd Age

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