Battle of Five Hawks Camp

The Battle of Five Hawks Camp ended the centuries-long reign of terror by the forest demon known as the Howler in the Woods, thanks to an alliance of humans, elves, half-orcs and dwarves. It also dispelled tensions between the dwarves in Foothold and the Imperial government, which had recently escalated into open violence over accusations of diabolism against Maksim Gold Finder, a respected member of the dwarf community.

When Five Hawks Lumber Camp owner Nikolai Tree Feller was discovered to be behind demonic activity in Foothold, agents of The Imperial Inquisition descended on the camp to bring Nikolai to justice. They were:

Accompanying them were Nikolai’s brother-in-law Maksim Gold Finder, Boris, a member of Gold Finder’s household, and several paladins of the Crusader.

The party encountered a slain dwarf messenger on the road and a letter addressed to Nikolai lying on the ground nearby, apparently from a member of an unknown cult of diabolists. Proceeding with caution, they scouted ahead and observed several of the dwarf lumberjacks in the open, apparently slain and their corpses possessed by creatures associated with the legendary Howler in the Woods, a demon that haunted the forest.

The party poured lamp oil on Maksim’s carriage, set it on fire, and crashed it into the possessed dwarves at high speed. Nureddin and the paladins took a position to the north and Elanesse took a position to the south, flanking the dwarves and attacking with ranged fire. Hochnor, Khash, Maksim and Boris entered melee.

Nikolai, now possessed by the Howler in the Woods and wielding dangerous demonic powers, entered the battle. In addition, Elanesse underwent a personality change in response to the demonic activity and gained several powerful new abilities which she wielded against Nikolai.

After taking severe damage Nikolai opened a tear in reality through which eight gnolls entered the battle. Moments later reinforcements from Foothold arrived in the form of a posse of city guards and a healer. In the end, the forces of the Dragon Empire prevailed and slew all of their enemies, sending the Howler back to the Abyss.

In the aftermath of the battle ownership of the Five Hawks Lumber Company passed to Maksim as next of kin. He subsequently transferred it to Boris.

Battle of Five Hawks Camp

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