Dwarves have Slavic names and speak with thick Russian accents.

Other races avoid getting mixed up in the affairs of dwarves whenever possible. The rules of their society are complex, bound up with personal honor, family honor, alliances, kinship, business dealings and history. In addition, like the elves their legal status in the Dragon Empire is complicated by the fact that they are subjects of both the Emperor and the Dwarf Lord.

The dwarves consider most of their customs a matter for dwarves, not other races, and will not discuss them with outsiders unless they absolutely must. A dwarf who brings outsiders into a dispute between dwarves — except as hired blades — risks being accused of dishonor.

Dwarves consider human customs and laws amusingly quaint, and enjoy them as one would enjoy watching children play at being grownups.

Dwarf men are extraordinarily proud of their beards. A challenge in which the loser must shave his beard is even more serious than a duel to the death. With dwarf women, it’s braids.

When dealing with other races, dwarves will shorten their names to first name plus a descriptor such as “Deep Delver” or “Strong Hammer”. Speaking their full names involves reciting their ancestry as well as noteworthy facts about their lineage, and typically takes about twenty minutes. An especially eminent dwarf could spend hours telling you his name, and any dwarf present will listen raptly. They know that this can be taxing to outsiders, who wouldn’t properly appreciate it anyway. However, if you insult their honor, they will assume that you clearly do not realize with whom the fuck you are dealing, and will introduce themselves to you properly. Unless the insult is so grave that they simply skip ahead to the part where they remove your head from your shoulders.

Dwarves from old mining/smithing families consider other occupations to range from dishonorable to “not dishonorable,” which — depending on the tone of voice in which that’s said — could either mean “a tolerable necessity,” or “Totally dishonorable. What are you going to do about it, farmer? Angrily hoe your field?”


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