The insectoid phraints invaded the Dragon Empire during the 8th Age, arriving from another world through magical portals. Although fierce warriors they seemed to lack emotion, instead driven by cold, ruthless rationality and an unshakeable conviction that the universe would be much better off with the phraints in charge.

Most of the western Empire fell under their domination, its inhabitants offered the choice of life under the phraints, or death. The phraints didn’t occupy the cities of their foes, instead building underground outposts and great hive-like structures in remote areas. During their reign they appear to have done brisk trade with other worlds — and perhaps even other realities — through the portals they operated using a type of magic unknown to the Dragon Empire.

Then one day, the phraints simply vanished. And although there have been reports of phraint sightings since that day, none have been confirmed.

In their art, phraints would sometimes depict members of their species with four arms instead of two. Scholars are divided on whether actual four-armed phraints existed, or if multiple arms conveyed to the viewer that that the phraint was a god, ruler or legendary hero (figuratively “many-armed” in that they were more capable than ordinary phraints.)

The below illustration from a fantastical romance set in the period depicts a band of adventurers that includes a phraint. Adventuring phraint were not unheard of, though they were rare.



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